House Rules

The game will generally use the Exalted “2.5” rules set with errata. The following exceptions apply:


Characters can take any number of specialties for each ability (though no more than three specialty dice can be applied to a single roll). A player can take the same specialty at most three times.

Craft Abilities

Craft will be treated as a single ability, rather than being represented by a separate ability for each type of crafting. For specific crafts, use specialties. Magical crafting doesn’t require Lore or Occult.

Languages & Literacy

Characters know one language per dot of Linguistics, but may learn additional languages as Linguistics specialties. Characters are automatically fluent (but accented) and literate in any language they know.


Exalted who learn sorcery automatically learn the Countermagic spell for each circle they know, gain a selection of spells, and pay less for lower circle spells (this also applies to learning necromancy):

  • Terrestrial Circle (Starting Spells: 3, Spell Cost: 4xp)
  • Celestial Circle (Starting Spells: 2, Spell Cost: 6xp)
  • Solar Circle (Starting Spells: 1, Spell Cost: 8xp)

Unexpected Attacks

Rather than reducing a target’s DVs to 0, an unexpected attack is made against half the target’s DV. This is not a penalty, and cannot be reduced except by negating the unexpected nature of the attack itself.

Taking Damage

No single attack can reduce a non-extra into its next wound penalty category (-1, -2, -4, Incapacitated, Dying) unless the current category was completely depleted before the attack. Excess damage is negated.

Perfect Defenses

Perfect defenses use their pre-errata costs. In order to use a perfect defense against an attack (but not for other uses), a character must channel a virtue with an appropriate stunt, in addition to the normal cost.

House Rules

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